The Sustainability Hub Ng

​It’s never too early to learn about the environment and the things we can do to protect it.

The school is a major centre of socialisation and value formation for learners, hence our approach to support teachers with ways of inspiring environmentally-conscious actions in students from early years to secondary.


This e-book provides some guidance into how environmental literacy can be introduced to learners and practiced in the class and school environment.

Each activity has a main page followed by an implementation page for three categories: early years, primary and secondary.

While the activities therein are recommended, we hope the book gives you insights into more innovative practices that can enhance your practice.

Environmental Responsiveness Report 2020

The report of the environmental responsiveness of MSMEs can be found here:

Download File – the sustainability hub env accountability report-compressed.pdf

The Nexus 1.0: Inclusive and Sustainable Education amidst COVID-19

The Nexus 3.0: Increasing the contribution of education to sustainable development