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Ambitious Africa Nigeria Children's Day

Indeed, it takes a community to raise a child.

We spent our 2021 Children’s Day in partnership with Ambitious Africa Nigeria training children in sustainability.

​Sustainability is the future and children are an important factor in designing a sustainable future, hence our catch-them-young approach.

If we want future generations to be able to meet their needs, it’s imperative that we teach them how, from a young age.


Why should we teach children about sustainability/sustainable development? 🤷

👣From poverty, hunger and health to gender equality, education and climate change, children are affected by all of the SDGs.

👣Children are a key part of global population and they deserve to understand what sustainable development is and how they can take action

👣As children become more aware, they play a critical role in the implementation and monitoring of the SDGs, sparking action in their communities and holding leaders to account.