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What’s the buzz about sustainability?

What’s sustainability and why should you care?

We are aware that you are tired of the way the words “sustainability” and “sustainable development” are sometimes flung around.
It’s good that we all want to do things that will have lasting impact with global recognition. But what exactly is sustainability?

Sustainability is simply the efficient and effective use of human, natural and material resources in our households and businesses in a way that it does not affect our health and livelihood negatively.
It also means that our children and their children get to enjoy the natural resources we are currently enjoying because we do not waste the resources given to us by nature.
Yes, we should value nature — all of our existence: food, fashion, business, housing… name it, depend on nature.
Now, sustainability is not only about nature but about how we can harness our economic strength, technological innovations, cultural practices and indigenous knowledge as well as human capital to ensure that human beings live dignifying lives, animals, plants and all our co-tenants on this planet are protected AANNDD…
…of course we still make the money!!

A part of you might just be like “what happens if we do not?Well, let’s give you a sneak peak. If we don’t embrace sustainability,
⦁ Just like we don’t know dinosaurs, our grand children may not know trees (except artists are magnanimous enough to have them sculpted in museums (roll eyes). Then, paper, medicines and all the good that come with trees will vanish!
⦁ Fish will be replaced by plastic in our oceans, and when that happens, other marine life would be threatened.
⦁ Global temperature will rise above 2 degrees Celsius, meaning hotter days, more places will experience drought as water will evaporate more and at the same time, some areas will be badly flooded as ice glaciers will melt as a result of the hotness. Sadly, the water won’t be stable for us to move water from the regions of excess to areas experiecing drought. Instead, more people will be rendered homeless, more children will be out of school and violent conflicts will increase.
We honestly can’t afford these, we have too much on our hands already.
Good News!!There’s a lot of hope..
With you, there is hope that ours and future generations will be better — dignified lives, healthy planet, prosperity — all these are possible if we choose to always consider the environment and other human beings in all we do.
We are playing our part. Please take actions too!

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