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Is there a link between education and sustainable development?

While a good number of people understand what sustainable development is, or at least have a picture of what development means to them, many can not draw a connecting line between education and (sustainable) development.

Providing the right information and education can change people’s values and behaviours, encouraging them to adopt more sustainable lifestyles. It can also break the cycle of poverty, malnutrition and disease that affects so many worldwide.

So much that international bodies have implemented programmes and partnerships in Education for Sustainable Development.

As teachers provide students the opportunities to understand the current global trends and challenges; and how it shapes their lives, students learn to develop the capacity to collaborate across all lines of difference, to advance worthwhile purposes and to improve the world.

Students are often disengaged from learning and formal education because they don’t see the point of what they are learning, they don’t see how it relates to their lives, or to lives they might imagine for themselves.

They don’t see the relevance of education to their lives and perceived irrelevance leads to boredom and lack of interest.
It kills creativity and lofty dreams.

Please note that education in this context is not limited to formal education, it also includes non-formal education; that is education outside the school system.

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